Veterinary Pathologists (SCACVP)

Texas A&M Student Chapter of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists


Spring 2017 Semester Events

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Wednesday, Feb. 22nd @ 12:00PM: Dr. Melanie Landis – Urinalysis cases

Friday, Feb. 24th @ 12:00PM: Dr. Wilkerson – Lab animal pathology

Thursday, March 2nd @ 5:00PM: Residency panel Q&A (anatomical and clinical pathology residents)

Tuesday, April 4th @ 5:00PM: Pathology Trivia Night

Fall 2016 Semester Events

Introductory Meeting

Wednesday, Sept. 28th @ 12:00PM: Dr. Claudia Barton – Cytology cases


Thursday, Oct 27th @ 5:00PM: Dr. Carolyn Hodo – Wildlife pathology

Monday, Oct 31st @ 12:00PM: Halloween Bake Sale! – Pathologic baked goods

Wednesday, Nov 30th @ 5:00PM: Dr. Richard Dubielzig – Ocular pathology

Hands-On Necropsy Saturdays

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Pathology Rounds Every Friday at 1:00 PM

 Dr. Brian Porter.

Please see our updated officer list for contact information!