A: NO REGISTRATION or reservation is necessary, just show up at your convenience and enjoy your visit to the 德州 A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences! You can sign up for small animal hospital tours, see the “小动物医院之旅” tab.


A: 打开房门 admission and participation is FREE all day to anyone and everyone (except registered Scouts; please see associated pages for details). There will be concession stands to purchase snacks and Food Trucks to purchase lunches. You can also purchase souvenirs at the Gift Shop, which is run by the various student organizations. All profits go to the student organizations. The 礼品店 will accept credit cards or cash.


答:我们有许多伟大的展品和今年计划的事件!请参阅我们的 活动日程 页面了解详情!随着越来越多的信息可用,将更新!




A: Absolutely not! Open House is put on for anyone, and there is something for everyone! There are exhibits throughout the hospitals if you’re interested in seeing what happens behind closed doors at your pet’s vet clinic. Everything is presented at various levels to incorporate young and old whether you’re familiar with what you’re seeing or not. For the youngsters, Teddy Bear Surgery is very popular! The presentations put on throughout the day are designed to appeal to all ages and audiences. There is a traditional petting zoo as well an entire room of reptiles and exotics (ZEW room) to look at, touch, or hold! Open House also features many non-profit organizations and rescues for many types of animals. If you’re in high school or college and are interested in vet school, I would highly recommend the two vet school Q&A sessions! Entire families come to 打开房门 all the time and everyone has a great time!




A: As a free event involving animals, we often get big crowds at Vet School 打开房门. The two clinic tours, Exotics Room and Teddy Bear Surgery can often have long waiting lines. We are always trying to make improvements to reduce the wait, but please be patient. Each of the lines has a suggested time by which to be in line during the afternoon in order to make sure you and your guests will be able to participate in that event before 4pm.


A: 看到我们的“渐开房”页面


A: 停车地图 will be available online and signs directing you to 打开房门 reserved lots will be in place on the day of the event. Please pay attention to where you park because it is a university and campus police will ticket or tow you if you are parked in a permit-only lot without a permit. We are not responsible and have no power to do anything about parking tickets or being towed!


A: Teddy Bear Surgery is always a favorite with 打开房门 attendees. Participants will don a gown, mask, gloves, caps, and shoe covers and enter a real surgery suite to perform surgery on a stuffed animal of their choice – you can bring your own or purchase one at the event. The “surgeons” decide what procedure will be performed and are assisted by veterinary student surgeons. This is a very popular event and the line can get very long, possibly hours! We have moved Teddy Bear Surgery into a bigger, real surgery suite to try to reduce the wait so please be patient with us.


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答:有这么多的活动和展览,在开放日的所有年龄的人!保持对检查回来 活动日程 页面了解更多信息!




A: There will be a vet school Q&A with the admissions committee and a vet student panel at 打开房门 to answer all your questions. Check the 活动日程 他们的计划时间页面。此外,这是提上完全由兽医学生教育什么兽药是所有赌博游戏人的事件。发现有人在一个绿色的T恤,并要求离开,我们喜欢谈论兽医学校!






A: Unfortunately, as a student-run, non-profit organization we simply do not have the resources or volunteers necessary to make this event more than one day. As you will see by the extensive hospital tours, this event does basically incapacitate our ability to take in very many patients. The hospitals cannot be out of commission for any longer than one day. The students involved in planning and staffing this event work extremely hard and while we would love to be able to make 打开房门 a two-day event, it is simply impossible. Thank you for your understanding.


而4H兽医科学计划已经开放的房子在过去有过会议的晚上,他们是两个完全独立的事件。开房不会对这项计划的信息,请联系AG推广服务以获取更多信息。 http://agrilifeextension.tamu.edu/

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